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In the KNOW:

  • All Readings are by scheduled appointment only! (Using the Online Scheduler) 
  • All Readings are conducted on ET. 
  • All Reading sessions are digitally recorded for you. 
  • Any sketches or writings produced during the reading sessions are yours.
  • In-Person readings are conducted at Rick's office in South Bend, Indiana. (Near IUSB) 
  • In-Person appointments require a deposit.
  • Phone and video appointments require pre-payment in full at time of scheduling.

Private Groups are a special time and opportunity to connect, communicate with family members who have transitioned on. 
For more information on scheduling private groups please Click Here! 

In-Person Reading Sessions Only 

A deposit of $50 is required to schedule a private session. (In-Person Only) 
The deposit is deducted from the cost of your reading session. (see example 

Appointment: In-Person Mediumship Reading $199 
Duration: 60m 
Deposit: (-$50) 
Amount Owed: $149  (difference due at time of appointment)

Payments Accepted: Cash (preferred), Credit/Debit Cards. *(We use PayPal secure payment transactions system) 

TIP: We recommend you add the following email addresses to you're safe senders list, and (avoiding potentially missed communications) If you haven’t received an appointment confirmation within 36 hours of booking, checked spam folder then please contact us here. 

When scheduling appointments and or services offered and provided by and through Spiritual Connections, LLC you're automatically agreeing to the full terms of service policy disclaimer. 

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Scheduling Private Reading Sessions with Rick

    Choose a reading type from the list below by clicking on the blue title.
    A description of the reading session is viewable including, the current availability of dates and times to choose from, with cost and duration. 

    After selecting a date/time for you're reading simply complete the form. 
    Once completed, click on the "Proceed to Deposit" button. From there you'll be taken to the PayPal screen to pay the booking fee. 
    That's it, you're done! Next, a confirmation email confirming you're appointment is sent within 24hrs.  

    • In-Person Readings

      In-person private reading sessions with Rick require a deposit of $50 for scheduling. The deposit of $50 is toward the cost of your session. Not an additional charge. 
      • Mediumship Reading Individual 60M $199
        Choose this reading if you're looking for communication with a deceased loved one. 

      • Combined Reading 90M $239
        Most Popular Reading!
        Choose this reading for a powerful combination, and yet uniquely balanced into one enlightening session. Mediumship reading with spiritual counseling session together!

      • Mediumship Reading for Two! 90-120m $289
        Mediumship Reading for Two! Choose this reading for you and another family member or close friend!

      • Spiritual Counseling Session $150
        Choose this reading service if you're looking for insight, guidance or direction regarding you're journey in this life. 

    • Video Readings (Facebook Messenger)

      Video readings are conducted using Facebook Messenger. Video readings require prepayment in full at time of scheduling. 
      • Mediumship Reading Video $189
        Choose this reading by video if you're wanting to communicate with a loved one who has transitioned on. 

    • Phone Readings

      Phone readings require payment in full at time of scheduling.



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