Product: Mediumship for Four Special Holiday change

Tis the Season and here's something very special!

Differently, a uniquely special occasion moment where memories are made and not to be forgotten  How about a Mediumship Reading for Four! 
Medium Rick Bunch has been professionally providing mediumship readings for over 13 years. These special moments are specifically for the purpose of making contact and communicating messages from loved ones. By communicating with those living in the afterlife. Rick's mediumship readings are for the purpose of spirit communication or mediumship by the delivering of messages from those living in Spirit. Whatever the reason is of a personal matter. Rick can help you.

Mediumship readings for two are special moments to be shared with someone...

A Mediumship Reading for Four!

Duration: 2.5 hours    
JUST $399!  

No expiration!! Use this special offer when it's convenient for all of you!


A recording of the reading session. 
Sketches and drawings produced by Rick during your session. 

Price: $399

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