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You saved me, literally Hi Rick! Hope you're doing well 😁. I wanted to tell you something about the reading we had in June. While we covered so many topics and many are still in progress of working themselves out, one major thing came to pass, it seemed minor at the time. I had asked you and therefore my dad who was present about my car. My dad kept harping on the front of the car regarding the tires and frame. You even drew a pic on your notes. I felt like my car had needed a front end alignment so I must took that as confirmation and figured id get to it soon. But my dad was adamant about the frame and about getting it looked at asap. Anyway due to cash flow problem id been putting it off. A couple days ago I was at home and kept having a persistent feeling that I suddenly needed to do this this week, regardless of money and the feeling wouldn't go away. So as im writing this, my car is being fixed, yes alignment like I thought BUT turns out a ball joint in the front end was worn so bad that it was causing the frame to pull and pull to one side to the point that the joint was about to snap which would have caused the tire to disconnect and go sideways causing me to crash to the ground when it happened. All I have to say is wow! They said it looked like it was very close to breaking, maybe another week or 2. While costly for the repair, you and my dad saved me and my son from a possible catastrophe while driving! Thank you so much my friend! ❤❤❤❤
My session My session with Rick solved alot of problems in my life,I understand more that goes on around me and I side my body, spirit and soul, I highly recommend Rick and would love to go back and enjoy more of what he offered, thank you Rick, you are absolutely Awesome
Awesome! I’ll admit I was a little skeptical and nervous Rick took all that away.I was amazed of the answers I received from my mom.A lot of things were said that NO Way Rick would have known.What an experience thanks Rick!!!
mediumship and spiritual guidance This was my second reading with Rick in 8-10 yrs time and he is the real deal. The information provided through him from spirit is life changing. Thank you Rick for sharing your gift.
Rick saved my life! This our second reading with Rick, we drive over three hours to see him. My family and I are true believers in his abilities. He is not only sincere, friendly, humble but extremely accurate with his readings! At our first reading, my sister came through and she was very persistent about going to the doctors and getting a full checkup. Again, I cannot stress enough my sister's concern and specifically about getting my blood work checked. So, I made an appointment and had the physical and blood work. They found something in my blood and it wasn't good at all! I would have been dead within 4 months it this had not been found early enough to be treated and ultimately the treatment I was cured!! I had no symptoms and would not have gone if my deceased sister had not come through Rick and warned me about this urgent situation! I would not be here today!
Excellent & Thorough! I was gifted with a free reading which I expected to be about 20 min. I was with Rick over 2 hrs for the reading and following "debriefing". I had many relatives coming through with emotionally pertinent information and love and the follow up with Rick was exceptionally helpful and healing. He is the real deal
The Real Deal From the moment we arrived and met Rick a tranquil walk through his garden. and you enter into the room he has set up for his readings. you feel at peace and Rick makesyou feel as your old friends, no tension or nerves just calm talk as he wants you to feel at ease and answers any questions you may have. At no time are you rushed. Rick is more concerned with you then the time. Everything he relayed to us was totally accurate. Even things I didn't know at that time came to be the very next day. I could go on and on How genuine Rick is. It was beyond my expectations.
You should go if you are reading these. Rick is a kind, generous medium and is most definitely well connected with the spirit world. He had written down specifics of what was going on in my life before I even walked in the door. Rick was first to point out correctly that my own psychic abilities have started to develop and has generously given me tools and resources to help me safely along this unexpected but welcomed path in life. Coming from someone who had never had a psychic reading in her life to suddenly finding out that she on her way to being a medium was a shock - but I can firmly attest to that fact that this is all very real and that Rick's gifts are true, and from God. We are blessed to have him in our community. I encourage anyone who desires contact with a passed love one, help with the deeper issues of life from a higher perspective, or is just curious about what a medium is.
Rick proceeded to shock us more each time he spoke!! Didn't know what to expect when we arrived, but a comfortable sitting room with low lighting and candles was a perfect mood setting atmosphere. Rick explained how it worked, made us feel comfortable at ease and started off with a wonderful, short non denominational prayer, which I loved, and we were underway. She started nodding, scribbling, talking, looking around, nodding and writing some more. The first words out of him mouth were directed at me and he said mother/granddaughter. He had NO way of knowing my grandmother raised me as from a baby to adulthood and adopted me as her child when I was 12. From there on he proceeded to shock us a little more each time he (or they) spoke. It was hard for me to not be able to hear her or feel her around me, but I honestly believe that she was speaking to him. The details no one but she would know. There are a few details that still make no sense, but I'mm certain in time they WILL be understood. I truly feel this man can connect with spirit and most of the time he can get an answer, or at least a clue, to help you understand those questions that still linger in all of us. I'll be going back with my older daughter when we can... that I know for sure. We asked mom to help find a lost cross we'd been looking for, for months, mom was disappointed, my daughter apologized, mom told her with a big sigh she'd do it ONE more time... (she'd lost the same cross 2 years ago, and prayed to find it at work, we tore the counter apart, vacuumed and found nothing, the next morning a girl who was opening the store found it right where we had vacuumed) So she went home after Ricks reading that night and it was laying plain sight, where she had looked 100 times before. Now if that doesn't make you a believer, I don't know what will. The man is completely legit and passionate about his job and his gift. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to connect with lost loved ones. What a great night, all the memories and answers, the love and the genuine caring from Rick making sure everyone gets the most out of the reading, he truly cares and I'm so thankful I went. If you want answers, or just a connection, Rick Bunch is the man to help you! THANK YOU RICK!!! From me, Linda and Mom for giving us that time together, one more time! Blessings to you!
I wish I had met him much sooner! I felt so comfortable and completely safe with Rick and left my appointment with the peace and acceptance that has been eluding me for what seems to be forever. I wish I had met with him much sooner and feel so encouraged knowing that he can help me. Rick is truly amazing!
BEYOND BELIEF! Rick without a doubt has the ability to tap into the spirit world. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable, relaxed and informed about the process of how he conducts his mediumship readings. I have seen other mediums over the years and they were good and helpful. Rick is better for sure! Why? He has the ability not to just communicate with spirits but to channel them. I saw my dad sitting across from me! It was Rick but yet all I saw was my dad, my dad's words, mannerisms and if that was not enough I spoke directly to my father!! In all honesty, I was shocked and a little freaked out but after I realized what was going on I embraced this rare opportunity and had a conversation with my dad. I cannot express how I felt during that moment but I do know this Rick is not just an awesome guy and medium but much more! Wow is nowhere close to my reading session. He took the time to make sure I was okay, that I was helped and he is so humble. A true servant of Spirit! God Bless you Rick and I hope you never stop providing your services! I am in your debt for the help I received beyond my expectations. I am already planning something for our family to see Rick!!  
Rick is the BEST! I'm going back for the 2nd time. Rick is fabulas! Can't wait until my next readinf August 8!!!
Reading great reading
We were AMAZED!!! We drove 3 hours to meet with Rick and he was every bit as authentic as we thought he would be. We had one one come through the we really didn’t expect and our reading gave us a wealth of information. It was emotional and funny, heartbreaking and happy. Rick and Spirit reavealed things that, Rick himself, could not have known. Our journey was well worth it and Rick truly has a God given gift. WE WILL BE BACK!
Rick provides a stairway to Heaven Rick’s spiritual reading allowed me to connect to my parents that are living their eternal lives in Heaven. My heart was shattered by the unknown, guilt, grief and severe depression until I met Rick. During this spiritual journey it filled my heart with peace and joy knowing my parents are still with me and watching over my family. Thank you Rick for sharing your abilities with those of us on earth wanting to connect with our loved ones spirit. God’s blessing to you.
Life changing! I have had both mediumship and psychic readings with Rick. He was the 4th or 5th person I've seen during my life. He exudes the following characteristics that make him far superior! Some are as follows: precise, comforting, real, compassionate, honest, kind, accurate, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, loving, and devoted to ensuring your soul gains an immursion of wholeness and goodness. I left feeling uplifted and positive in ways that I can hardly describe. He awakened a feeling/sense of empowerment and positivity in me that was long lost. I cannot emphasize how my sessions with him have TOTALLY given me the courage and strength to make necessary changes to uplift my life and the lives of my children. I am more intuitive, positive and trusting in my own decision making. He brought out an uplifting spirituality in me that was buried beneath layers of loss, sadness and negativity. Thank you Rick! I love you and the changes you've helped me achieve!
I now believe 100% that there is life beyond this physical world! I've been feeling lost without my mom, who died this year. She was my best friend, greatest support, and closest confidant. Until I spoke with Rick, I was having a hard time moving forward in my life and accepting her absence. But, Rick was able to connect with her and I now believe 100% that there is a life of beauty and peace beyond the physical world. He relayed information to me from my mom that only she and I would understand or know about. It was truly remarkable and healing, and I'm so grateful to Rick for the experience. I now know that I have my "spirit mom" with me and I take tremendous comfort in that. Thank you, Rick.
Overwhelming Amazed!! I was overwhelming amazed by the things that Rick was able to bring through from my late husband and mother. He exceeded all my expectations! He not only is amazing at the gift he has but he is an extremely friendly, personable and positive person. I felt a real sense of comfort after leaving there and would recommend anyone that is looking to speak with someone from the other side to experience it! Thank you Rick!!
There were multiple WOW moments during my reading! My mom passed away just a few months ago, and even though I regularly received signs from her to let me know she was around me, I didn't feel truly comforted until I had my reading with Rick. To be able to hear all of the specific messages I needed to hear from her gave me the peace I've been seeking. There were multiple WOW! moments during my reading! Rick is an immensely talented psychic medium, and we are all so lucky to have someone of his high caliber in this area. The extremely specific information he was able to give me puts him up there with the famous psychic mediums many of us watch on TV. I will definitely be returning for regular readings. He made me feel comfortable from the first moment we met, and talking to him was like talking to an old friend. I really look forward to meeting with him again. I will be recommending him to absolutely everyone I know!
Connection with my husband This was a very emotional yet positive experience for me. Rick helped me connect with my husband who had a fatal car crash almost 8 months ago. Rick was able to facilitate communication and relay information he could not possibly have known unless told to him by my husband or me. And I certainly didn't tell him. I needed this more than words can express and am so thankful.
Mom and Dad Rick is truly a gift to so many of us wanting to communicate with loved ones that have passed. Thank you so much!
MEDIUMSHIP READING! My husband and I visited Rick shortly after the death of our son. Not only was the reading completely authentic, but the support and wisdom provided by Rick brought us both peace, and some joy and laughter. The messages sent from our son and relayed through Rick were absolutely what I knew in my heart, but the verification of these messages, plus our sons clear message of love was amazing. All of that was wonderful, but my biggest take away is an understanding of the importance of healing. Not only for our sake, but so our son can find peace as well. Thank you so much Rick!! ❤️💕
Sensational & Heartwarming This is my second session with Rick. Both times were absolutely sensational and I left with the warmest feeling ever. He told me so many things coming from my brother and my mother that he had no way of knowing I knew it was them instantly. I am still on cloud nine. I recommend Rick highly to anyone who wants to touch base with their people crossed over it’s an amazing experience!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for connecting with my daughter Sami and sending me the recording.  I really appreciate all your help and guidance. I just wish I would have seen you years ago. I haven't felt this close to her since her passing 7 years ago, it was like she was back again for a little while. I feel so much better knowing that she's by my side and watching over us here on earth.  Please don't ever stop doing what you do, you truly have a gift and you are phenomenal!  Hope to see you again sometime in the near future.
Uplifting Experience I had considered making an appointment with Rick 6 months ago, but never found the time to actually sit down and do it. A couple of weeks ago, I felt strongly compelled to finally do it. I can say without a single doubt, Rick is a true professional. His kindness and gentle spirit as well as his incredible ability of accuracy was amazing. If you’re reading this and for whatever reason feel conflicted or unsure if you should schedule an appointment, you should! Rick’s abilities are a beautiful gift and to experience it is something that leaves you feeling at peace and full of hope. I’ve visited two other mediums over the past 5 years and Rick by far is the real deal. My hope is that once you have a reading, you’ll feel renewed and at peace.
HIGHLY Recommend! Rick ability to connect with my loved ones was exactly what I hoped for during my reading. He said things no one outside my family would have known, and validated so many things I needed to hear from the other side. I finally feel the cloud over me has lifted, I know my loved ones are still around me and I am not alone. I now feel free to go on living my life and be happy again. Thank you so much Rick!!
I was a skeptical, but Rick Blew Me Away!! I was a bit skeptical, but Rick blew me away. This was something I def needed with one of my best friends just passing. All I can say is I have closure and feel so relieved. Thanks again Rick!
I haven't felt so whole in years! Rick, I want to thank you again for being the messenger for proved to be so beneficial for my state of mind! When we left last night I had so much peace and comfort, I haven't felt so whole in years. We have not stopped talking about our meeting since we left lol I share with dad today some of the things from last night and he was beyond tickled knowing mom is healed and happy and with my biological dad, brother and Alison. I told him it's not like here, that he will be welcomed by them and not like "the other man" he laughed and said your mom will be happy to have both her husbands and it will be ok. I said yes exactly! He said he's happy to hear me happy again and doesn't want me to let na-Sayers burst my bubble. He said some of the things you shared, there was no way you would have known if mom wasn't telling you. My best friend said she wished I would have done this years ago, I told her I wasn't ready. Everything happens for a reason and in the right time. It was time and wow I'm like brand new, I don't know how else to describe it other than amazing, life changing and eye opening. Not to mention I got to reconnect with another family member **bonus**! I would like to get together with you more on a non reading level but as family because family is important. And I honestly believe my mom and aunt violet brought us back in touch for more reasons than me hearing the message last night. I'm also going to take your words and listen to my "gut instinct" more and hopefully I can tune in a little better. Again I wanted to say thank you for everything last night, can't wait to fully reconnect with you. Much love,
Absolutely Amazing! This was a great experience.. if i never believed in anything before.. i believe in Rick! He gave information that he couldn't possibly have known!great experience! Im going back!
Sincere and Kind Rick has a true gift. I would love to come back to hear what else he has to say. Very welcoming and open. Honest about when he needs confirmation from you. Kind soul.
SHOCKING I was hopeful but not sure that I would hear from one of my departed but when there were three and they were together was more than I could have even wished for. Many long unanswered questions were finally brought to light. Pleasant surprises were also uncovered.. so worth the time!
I believe Rick is for real After my reading with Rick, the only conclusion I can reach is that he is the real deal. Much of the things he said were not things someone would just come up with off the top of their head and even the wording was spoken exactly like my loved one would have said it. I am absolutely sure of Rick's abilities and the bonus is that Rick is a very nice person and a pleasure to talk to.
Always Amazing This was my second reading with Rick. The experience of connection through His gift is amazing. Rick is humble, real and brings the truth one is seeking, for answers, healing and peace. Words can’t express, the blessings this time with Rick brought to me; I encourage anyone who needs to find peace and comfort in the loss of a loved one, to give Rick the opportunity to help you find exactly that.
Medium reading I loved my reading from Rick. He's such a nice, welcoming person! My reading from him helped with some unanswered questions I've had. I would go to him again. As I stated before, he's a really compassionate person and it makes the reading more personable.
So Happy! Dear friend Rick, this was about the fifth or sixth time I've either had a reading or been to one of your circle events. Every time I come away so happy and satisfied to be able to have you connect with my Bobby D & my husband, I feel so comforted being able to hear through you how they are doing and the advice and worries they have about us. It's so comforting to know they are still right beside us. Your reading yesterday gave my Daughter, Granddaughter & I so much peace,& happiness knowing they can still be serious and at the right time be so funny as they were when they were still here. As usual we got a lot of questions answered, and our minds are resting a little easier. We thank God for putting you here on earth as I bet a lot of people would agree! Take care GOOD FRIEND and you'll see me again, love you! Jeanie
Insightful & Amazing! My brother and I were tremendously happy with our personal reading. It was very insightful and amazing to communicate with our loved ones with Rick's help. Rick was very patient and we were so comfortable...thank you Rick for a wonderful experience and we hope to have more readings in the future!
Spiritual counseling You helped me a lot and will probably be seeing me again in the near future. Thank you for the positive experience and for doing what you do.
Thank You!! Thank you good friend you did it again, I knew my husband wasn't happy with the way his daughter was handling the estate, almost two years now & it should have been closed after 3 months!! I did what I said I was going to do, so now we'll see! You give me such good feelings about my loved ones that I have lost and I always feel so peaceful after a reading it's so comforting to know both my son & husband are by my side!! love you and thank you soo much!!
My session Rich had helped me so much, I always leave our session with heart filled with hope and love .
Great experience I felt very comfortable and at ease at my reading. Rick was amazing to work with and I would recommend him to anyone!
SATISFIED AGAIN! Hi Rick, well as usual you did it again having my husband come through verify that he was VERY upset at what his daughter was doing to me & not doing as his will stated was so good to hear!! I didn't think thats what he wanted, and I was getting a little upset with him, but everything is o.k. now. Then to have my youngest son Bobby come through again was SUPER!! Even though they both are gone & in no more pain, I know they are both with me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart & God Bless you for the beautiful, meaningful work you do! Love you!
Wonderful Experience! Thank you so much Rick! My brother and I had such a wonderful experience! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and spending the time to make sure we had a fulfilling and positive reading and it was more than we hoped for!
Great Medium!! Rick provided a great experience and would definitely recommend to any of those looking at doing a medium reading.
A Real Connection I recently had the most positive experience of a medium & psychic reading by Rick. It was such a wonderful experience. Rick was so "connected" with my Mom, who passed into the Spirit world about 1 1/2 years ago. The connection was so comforting, and also therapeutic to be in touch again with my Mom. The connection Rick had with my Mom's spirit was awesome. The information Rick shared with me could only have come from my Mom. If anyone is hesitant about having a reading, for whatever reason, Rick is real. Rick has some very special God-given abilities. Rick is a phenomenal medium & psychic and he is an extraordinary human being.
Rick has given me back a piece of mind that I'd lost! First off let me say I was never a skeptic so while waiting for my appointment I've always had an open mind. Rick has given me back a piece of mind that I'd lost. My best friend my sister passed 2-28-16 11 days afyer her her 28th birthday. This was a hard pill for anyone to swallow especially if you're not prepared for a death. My reading with Rick was all that expected and relieving at the same. I was torn broken honestly a mess after this tragedy. Rick gave me my peace allowing me to know that she is ok that she is watching over us. He spoke on things with no mention from me all I basically had to do was listen and piece together the puzzle. I left in awe and was super satisfied!. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and I also would like to do another reading with him in my near future. I know I've already told you, but thanks again Rick it's much appreciated.
Rick is absolutely AMAZING!! My daughter and I went for a reading for 2. I really wanted to connect with my father, which I eventually did. But I also heard from my 2 grandmas. And as amazing as all that was, the greatest gift he gave was all of the messages and advice for my daughter. We both had so many questions answered and she even found out about her past life. I felt such peace when I left and Rick is the warmest, sweetest man.He makes you feel so comfortable and at home. I immediately felt a connection with him and I am so greatful for the gift that he shares. It was an honor to have met him. My daughter and I have already scheduled our next appointment. Thanks Rick for sharing your gift. You are a blessing!!
Wonderful! I was very appreciative of the time I spent with Rick. Many questions were answered and I hope to go back and be able to spend more time. I left feeling much more calm as I suffer from anxiety and depression. He helped me immensely. Thank you so much Rick.
First Timer . . . Relaxing and insightful experience! Felt at ease yet full of anticipation on what I was to learn about myself. Will return and recommend Rick Bunch!
I Feel Free! Thank you so much for the reading things are a lot better! I feel more free!
Thank You!
Dear Rick, Thank you so much! My reading was amazing! I will be back soon! I felt a real connection with you. I'm very grateful for our time together!
Relief Rick connected with both of the people I was hoping to hear from and I heard exactly what I needed to hear to heal and move on. Rick took his time and is a great listener. I left with a much lighter heart!
Rick is legit! Hes legitimate and really helped me. It means so much to me.
A Possitive Process First,I want to thank you for opening you heart and mind to me assist me through such a "Whirlwind" that controls my being. I understand this is work for you, a way of life, but for me it was a therapy session. You connected with "Spirit" and was able to walk me through this tornado type of a life. I felt lighter as we walked through this together. Lighter in Mind, Body,& Spirit. At last, I can begin to move, even if it's sideways...I can move. May God continue to Bless You with this Professional Psychic Gift. A "Healing" sensation is the least I can say I left with today. Thank You again!!
I can't imagine anyone not benefiting from their experience with Rick! Truly an enriching experience! I can't imagine anyone not benefiting from their experience with Rick. His humanitarian approach is both joyful and healing. His reading was worth the wait!
COMFORTING! It is always wonderful to be with Rick! He sees me about once every few years. When I feel I am venturing off my path, he and his guides help me to stay on the path! This gives me great peace and sense of self. I truly appreciate all the times we have met!I love warm, friendly and genuine people. It is always a pleasure!
RICK IS A GIFT! Thank you Rick for all you do for all of us.YOU ARE RIGHT ON, in you dialog with the DIVINE in finding the answers we seek and the guidance we need to live out best and highest lives here on earth. It was my privilege in having you read for me. Thank YOU from the depth of my heart and soul. God bless.
Never stop doing what you do Rick, I will be back! I had decided it was time for me to look into getting a mediumship reading. I tried to get an appointment with Theresa Caputo. After several attempts, I did a search for Indiana Mediums and Rick's site was listed. It felt right, made a reading appointment and I was not disappointed! There are no words to express what I experienced through Rick's abilities! I believe this worked out the way it was suppose to and I didn't know that there was a medium right here in Michiana! Thank you Rick for the peaceful healing work you do. Never stop doing what you do! I will be back!
Rick is SPOT ON!! I can not say "thank you" enough for the reading I received. Rick hit everything spot on, and I was truly blessed by the information that was brought forward. I was given all of the answers that I was seeking and even more! Thank you Rick for being such a remarkable, personable and truly caring individual. I have never been disappointed in any of my readings from you. Thank you so much!
Rick is for REAL! It is real!! I am very pleased with the out come and recommend anyone to go that is interested in speaking to a loved one that has passed away
My First Experience! I was not sure what to expect but was pretty surprised with my experience. My mom has been gone for a while and the one lingering question or thought I have been carrying around was covered. Rick could not have known that I have wondered about this for 22 years. I had suspected this for a long time but it was nice to know that is was in fact true. This helps me remember my mom with much love and no regrets.
Amazing so blessed to connect every aspect was spot on he has reaffirmed my beliefs cant say thank you enough
Wow!! Thank you for the amazing reading. You helped me in so many ways. I am going keep on my path spiritually God bless you Rick keep up the good work.
Would Recommend!! I have always been open to believing that we can communicate with our loved ones who have passed on. This was my first reading from a medium and Rick. Rick answered many questions we had about my grandmother and my father. Very insightful. I laughed and cried. Rick will put you at ease from the moment you walk through the door. He was like talking to an old friend. Would highly recommend going to see him. I intend to get a psychic reading from him next. Words can't express how grateful I am for the insight he gave me.
Unbelievable! on..what a highly developed soul connection he is,,I felt like I was in a room talking with my deceased loved one and Rick was just the interpurter.....can&#39;t thank you enough for the healing you do.......Namaste blessed one...sincerely Terri
Helpful Thank you Rick for an amazing reading and experience. It was truly an uplifting moment in such a sticky point in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to help me connect with my loved one and provide guidance. Your kindness will not be forgotten.
Amazing Healing... Reading was very personal and enlightening - healing. Provided me with affirming peace and knowledge. I highly recommend his abilities to anyone who needs comfort of closure.
Highly Recommend Rick!! I must say, I was very unsure and nervous about the whole appointment but Rick was very welcoming and friendly and made me feel right at home. I love that he opened with prayer and really focused on helping me connect with my loved one who passed. He provided me with so much closure, and information no one but my loved one would have known. I highly recommend Rick and his wonderful talent. Thanks again Rick!
Healing Insightful Mediumship I just had the most wonderful healing insightful mediumship reading with Rick. I felt like I sat down with my deceased father and a counselor. It was wonderful and I can't thank Rick enough.
Doubtful? Not Anymore! I was always had doubts about the spirit world,after my reading I have found comfort and closure. Rick was awesome
More than Wonderful I wish that I had the skill to completely detail the Joy I feel and the Happiness I feel after my time spent talking with Rick. and my Love! He always steps aside to allow my husband to step forward to tell me what I have been wondering, asking! And, AND he helps me see the messages I have received from my husband all along!! Today was exceptionally special as he held off mentioning something, until I asked .... then he said, (speaking of my husband) ... "He's laughing at me saying 'I told you so!' It was a seeming insignificant mention, that I NEEDED to hear about our family dog! He was able to describe her, and their reunion in a way that gave me great peace...and even JOY! Thank you Rick, you know I am your greatest fan... Love, Sandy
I am so glad that I found you!! You have had such a tremendous impact on my have given me and inner peace that I never had before. It is hard to put it all into words. You have such a great gift and it is so wonderful that you share that gift.It has given me a different insight into the other side and I'm not afraid anymore. You put me in touch with my parents whom I only had for a short 1 1/2 years of my life. You have given me the greatest gift of all. I know now my parents really fo love me and they never left me. Most of all they are proud of me!!!! I will cherish what you have done for me eternally!!! Thank you Rick!!!!
Interesting... Reading was overall good but felt Rick had trouble pinpointing the spirit of my grand daughter died at 10 months old. But he did connect with her and gave some good advise to her parents. Was happy with Rick and would do another reading in the future!
Rick You Are AWESOME!! My reading today was beyond amazing. You allowed me to connect with both of my parents and you gave me answers to questions that have consumed me for a long time. You are so compassionate and caring. I am so grateful for what you do. You made me feel so much better by the time my reading was over. You are a very special person. May God bless you in all that you do.
AMAZING! Rick has no idea how much he changed my life the day of my reading. He was amazing, easy to talk to and beyond a nice guy. I WILL be going back in the future!
mediumship The most evidential reading I have had with Rick. Very detailed, very accurate, I was able to communicate with my recently deceased Father beautifully. I can not say enough positives about Rick Bunch!! AMAZING.
Simply Amazing! Dear Rick, thank you sooo much for yesterday, bringing my husband and my son to me. This is my second reading from you and I always feel so much better after your readings! You bring them back and I know you are talking to them because you say things that only they would know. You are SIMPLY AMAZING! When I leave you I'm so much at peace, because I know all my loved ones are still around me, and I will try to quiet my mind and do what Bobby said. May God bless you and keep you safe and I'll see you again! Absolutely love you, you ARE the best!!
Stunned. Meeting with Rick was nothing but amazing. I am truly blessed by this experience. Going through what I have in my life I am thankful to be able to have such a wonderful person touch my life the way Rick has. Thank you so very much for this amazing experience.
You're truly Gifted! Good morning Rick, I just wanted to write to tell you thanks again for our session. I have listened to it several times and it is all starting to sink in. I want to tell you how much that session has helped me. You're truly have a gift. You are so sincere and sensitive and compassionate.  As, I said that day, I felt you have helped me more than all the doctors and counselors I have seen over the past 30 some years. I can't begin to express my gratitude to you and to tell you how highly I regard you. You are truly doing a good work. God's blessings to you.
Reading was amazing Thank you Rick for your amazing reading today. It was very helpful and now hopefully I can start to move forward, thanks to you.
Thank you! thank you for he reading Rick you have lightened my load and made me see that I have not been living my life the way my beloved Michael would have wanted me to and based on the reading i am going to honor his memory and live as he would have wanted me to. Once again thank you for being you and making a difference in our lives.
The best connection to my honey!! I cannot give enough praise for Rick and his caring approach and personal attention to his friends. Thank you. He is spot- on all the time
Peace and Joy I cannot say enough about my experience with Rick Bunch. He has connected me with my parents on more than one occasion, and the peace and joy it has brought me is immeasurable. Issues were resolved and I have peace of mind knowing they are happy and at peace. My sessions with Rick renewed my belief in the afterlife and I now believe my family is waiting for me when it is my time. In addition, I have less self-doubt and greater self-confidence to pursue activities that will fulfill my purpose. Thank you, Rick. You are a blessing!
Rick is spot on every time!! I have had 2 psychic readings and 3 medium readings with Rick, he is spot on every time. The mediumship readings are phenomenal-tones, facial expressions, the way things are worded-totally my niece, no doubt in my mind. The psychic readings are very insiteful and help me to grow and get back on my intended path. The things he has told me in psychic readings are always spot on too-he is a wonderful man and one of the best psychic/mediums!
Amazing Experience My session with Rick was amazing. I was able to communicate with my brother and receive some very needed messages to help me heal. Rick also provided me with a lot of helpful tips and information to continue my journey and become closer and more connected with Spirit. I highly recommend setting up a session! Rick made me feel so comfortable, and although I was nervous before my session, it melted away as soon as I walked in the door. Thank you for all that you do Rick! You are greatly appreciated!
Guidance Great reading!!!
Rick I'm beyond the wow factor you helped me so much! I will be back and Will be telling people about you for sure!
On a side note....the watch my brother brought of my dad's that you held, that hadn't worked for many, many years, but worked that night of the stopped again when he put it away after the reading!!!
Skeptics beware!!!! If you are not a believer you will be when your done! Rick is a kind soul with a wonderful gift! From the second we walked in the door Rick made us feel so comfortable and welcome. He was able to pick up specific information that he would only know if he could truly communicate with spirit. Our time spent with him is time I will cherish for the rest of my life. We are already planning another visit! I feel truly blessed to have found Rick!
Great Reading! Brother and Brother n law were both brought through.Rick has been blessed with such a beautiful soul.So happy that we were able to finally meet you!
The most amazing reading ever! The most amazing reading ever, love what Rick Bunch is all about! Such an incredible experience, thank you Rick!
VERY ACCURATE! Rick said very spot on things that nobody else could have known. He’s a very caring and compassionate guy that takes a lot of time to make sure you reach your loved ones.

Reviews 2014 2013 2012

Beautiful, insightful and moving experience I am so glad I found Rick. It was destiny. My visit with him reassured me that I was making the right decisions in my life. He was so helpful to me and he is with no doubt,the real deal. He helped me get tangible validation of what I already knew and felt to be true. I was given peace after receiving answers from my loved ones that have moved on ahead of me. I'm very grateful for the time that I spent with Rick, he has a wonderful gift and I'm glad he shared it with me.
So lucky to have thee! Thank you for allowing me to reflect on the people in my life that I have lost. Your connection to them was heartfelt and warming to me. By the way, the watch makes sense now! Wish I had more time to talk about you and your work. You seem like a very personable person who would enjoy a good cup of tea!
Reading I truly enjoyed connecting with my Dad today. I miss him terribly. I also appreciated your insight. I am looking forward to talking to you again soon.
Great Reading! My first reading I have felt there was someone trying to tell me something but I didn't really understand what it was, I heard that voice say that I was going to be happy. After this reading I now know it was my dad, sometimes we have to believe even if we can't see. I had a very good reading with Rick
Wonderful!!!! Rick is such a caring informative medium. He was able to really capture the personality of my loved ones that had passed. I felt as those I was able to just have a wonderful healing afternoon with them. No doubts in my mind that he was the real deal. What a beautiful gift!
Infinite Gratitude! Rick, I want to thank you for the most inspiring and enlightening psychic reading I have ever had! You are a true gift to the world! Thank you for opening yourself and healing us from your heart! Best wishes! Emilia
My Reading Rick was awesome... He was spot on with my reading. He made me feel like my loved one was there with me and my daughter. Couldn't have asked for a better way to get the answers I was looking for... thank you Rick what you do for people is amazing. God bless you.
Thanks I guess I didn't know what exspectations I had when Having a reading ?? With the way TV glamorizes mediums / physics anyways ...however my exsperience was rather intriguing and opened my mind in such a way I honestly wish I had a chance to do it more !!! But as it was ...The time was a exsperience none the less was a good one if I could afford it I would do it again my questions were answered without even telling Rick really even what I wanted to know ? That was strange in its self ... I need to thank him again ...THANK YOU ..!!! Closure is good I was not sure what made me decide to go at the moment I scheduled but it all worked out ... It was a great day !!
Reading I had a reading with Rick, and I was so happy when I left. He answer everything I wanted to know. He helped me so much. He is very kind made me feel like we had known each other for years.Recommend everyone thinking of having a reading to do so with Rick...
Rick is Amazing Very Accurate. Rick helped me to overcome my personal obstacles for me to grow spiritually. I highly recommend I reading from Rick!
Amazing moment This reading was an amazing moment in my life. In fact in the most positive way my life will never quite be the same. Thank u Rick!!
My Reading Experience Rick is an amazing person with a great talent! He was able to connect me with not only one person in my life that has passed away, but THREE! I was a huge skeptic when it came to this type of thing and honestly I searched for anything negative about Rick or what he does prior to my appointment just to have a reason to cancel. However, I found nothing. I am so glad that I went and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. I had so many questions answered that I was looking for as well as guidance regarding my future and my own personal identity. I have and will continue to recommend Rick to anyone with questions about people in their lives who have passes away but also those questioning current events and their future. I would love to meet with him again in the future. Rick, thank you so much for what you have given to me and I pray for your health and well-being just as you do for so many others! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Frist time This was our first time seeking a medium. Rick was caring and put us at ease right away. He was on target without any prompting from us. His message from our loved one was reassuring and the things he said were things that our loved one said on a regular basis. It was a healing meeting and we are so thankful we did this. Rick didn't hurry and made time to talk with us as well as intercede on behalf of our loved one. Highly recommend!
Amazing Experience For three years, I was deeply troubled and saddened by the sudden and unknown circumstances of my father's passing; all the things I'd left unsaid made his death that much more painful. I was sort of skeptical about mediums and the ability to connect with the dead, but after three years, I was willing to give it a try. Rick helped me connect with my father -- the things Rick told me about my dad stunned me, and confirmed for me without a doubt, that it was my father I was talking to. This session gave me all the answers I needed to truly begin healing -- I know I will always miss my dad, but now I know that he is still with me. Rick was warm, friendly, and made the entire process very unintimidating. Thanks Rick, for an amazing experience!
Thank you Rick. Hi Rick, My daughter Sabrina recommended you to me and I am glad that she did. You have made my heart feel so much better knowing this was a accident and not suicide. I believe....Melody Robbins
Mediumship Reading Phone Rick is a wonderful kind medium he new so much about my loved ones on the other side. I felt terrific after my reading . He is the real deal for sure.
rick bunch medium reading review Thank you so much, Rick, for our reading! We enjoyed meeting you and have been able to find peace in the knowledge that our family members, although not with us physically, are still very much with us in spirit, and that they are still very much a part of our lives. Each detail offered during the reading was so specific to our situation that we truly feel as though we had a visit with those we miss every day. Thanks so much once again for bringing us peace and comfort!
Thank you!!! Dear Rick, Just a note of thanks for our spiritual reading that you helped my sister Carol and me with. Never having been to a medium before we were not sure what to expect. Well our expectations were met and we were very pleased with the outcome of our experience. I truly believe that we were able to connect with those we so dearly love and miss so very much. It was a comfort and blessing that we received via your abilities to communicate with them and give us some much needed comfort. I am so very glad we met with you. In addition to you being an outstanding spiritual guide you are a warm, comforting person as well. We both wish you continued success in what God meant for you to be doing. God Bless and gentle hugs.
I Have hope... My life is renewed. I have Hope and Light once again, and my heart is bursting with love and the blessings of that love, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time in bringing me the words I needed so desperately to hear once again. God Bless You in all you do!
What a gift Rick has!! I just had a reading with Rick. He was so accurate and knew things about my nephew that no one else could have known. I thank you for sharing your gift and I look forward to another reading. My heart is warm knowing that my beloved nephew is in such a wonderful place.
Mediumship Reading Thank you so much for the reading Rick...I did not know what to expect....I trully enjoyed our session and look forward to meeting with you again!
Amazing Rick is such a nice guy! I had a wonderful reading and was able to connect with my mother! It has brought me peace that I never expected to have. I can't thank him enough! I have been to many others and Rick is by far the best!!
READING Hi Rick, I just wanted to thank you for my reading last night. It was well worth driving through blizzard conditions!! You gave me the peace I needed since the loss of my son. I never expected such wonderful information!! Everything you told me I know was from my son, and it makes me feel a lot better knowing he is happy and in a better place. I will always miss him, but know I'll see him again! Again Rick, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will tell EVERYONE how great you are, and I'll see you again! Jeanie
Finally I have found some peace! I went into my reading with an open mind and some skepticism, hoping to connect with my son who had passed recently. Rick put me at ease instantly and was very caring and personable. I truly felt that Rick connected with my son because of some of the information he relayed to me, but more importantly because of the feeling that washed over me at some points of the reading. There is a connection that exists between a mother and child, and for the first time since his passing I could feel my son's presence. Rick gave me back the faith and hope that I had lost and I truly believe that I will see my son again someday. Thank you and God Bless!
Was Happy with the reading This is my second time with Rick and husband Tom came thru and it helped me feel peace with him being gone but knowing he is always with me. I would recommend any one to Rick he is good. Relax and nice to talk to and very I mean very helpful. I would go see Rick again for another reading. Thank u Rick.
I Can Never Repay You... Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that the message you gave me from my Dad has helped me start the ball rolling on something I was so scared to do. I'm stuck in the middle of the process right now but thanks to you I know I will eventually come through this and that my Dad will be by my side during everything! Whenever I question myself or my decision I just remember your message! I hold my head up high and I will not back down! You've given me something that I can never repay you for!! Thank you!! It's so hard for me right now but I will persevere! I also wanted to let you know that some things that didn't make sense to me during the reading were confirmed for me by family members!
I feel so much better Thanks Rick, you made me feel so much better. Not only did I get to talk to my lost love, you made knowing about my parents help me know I have done good! I miss them all so much, and want to know more. This time of year, the 5 months that were so important to me, has been so hard.
You were right on! Well after doing some research you were right. My friends body was found in April which would have been spring just like you said. I just wanted to let you know once again, you were right on. Wow!
Wow! I recently had a group reading with Rick and words can not describe how grateful I, as well as everyone else who had a reading, am to have found him. It was such a great experience - one that is hard to put into words! If you have loved ones who have passed, talk with Rick!!
Great Reading! This was the second telephone reading I have had with Rick. I had a mediumship/psychic combination reading. My father recently pasted into spirit last November. Rick was able to describe my father’s personality accurately and give me validation that he is still watching over me. The reading was healing for me because I was able to further resolve some past issues that my father and I never talked about when he was still alive. Rick also helped me get some direction in where my future career is heading through the psychic portion of the reading. Rick also left times for questions but he pretty much answered most of mine before I could ask them. I enjoyed the reading and Rick is a great person to go to and get insight and validation from the other side.
I'm so blessed to have met Rick! I'm so happy i had the reading with Rick :) he knew so much about my dad it was like I was getting a chance to visit with my dad !!!! Ill never forget the experience ever hope to see rick again some day :) thank you rick , your a very kind soul :)
So grateful to Rick Thank you so much for the reading you gave my mom and I. The reading put our minds at ease and comforted us in ways that we had no idea would happen. We had questions answered before we even asked! It was truly a blessing talking to you. I'm sure we will be talking again in the future!
Feel Like a Load Has Been Lifted Off Me! This past weekend my daughter and I had a session with Rick and we came away from it with a lot of great feelings and validation on some things that have been going on in our family recently. Rick's caring words and messages from loved ones really spoke to my daughter's heart which was so important especially this particular week. Rick does a great job of helping you to process information from your session and empowering you to feel confident moving forward from it. I highly recommend to anyone to have their own experience with Rick and his caring abilities. You won't regret it!
Amazing Experience I had a very amazing experience with Rick. I lost my son and Rick was able to bring clarity and peace into my life. I have had readings before, but this was different. I felt an emence peace when I left. If you or anyone needs to connect with a loved one who has passed please see Rick. It will give your soul the comfort you need to go on with life.
Beyond Amazing! I had an amazing experience getting a reading from Rick. He's a very gifted man & it was a true pleasure to meet him. I will definitely be back to see him again.
My Reading I just had the great pleasure of having a mediumship reading with Rick. I have had readings with him before and believe me, he never disappoints. He told me things that I knew were true. His caring and insight always leaves me feeling better than when I came in. Thank you, Rick for all you do.
A wonderful experience! I felt very comfortable talking with Rick and he gave me confirmation , of what I already knew in my heart. Thank you so much Rick!
Rick is always right on with readings! I can not begin to tell u how thankful i am to have Rick in my life! He is always right on with my readings and i hope he never stops doing what he does because people the encouragement and hope to get through life! Thanks for being you Rick and thanks for sharing your gift with me!!!
Awesome!!!!! Dear Rick, every time I have a reading from you. I come away with such a peaceful feeling, hearing from Bobby always fills a little void that I have since he passed. I know he's happy and in no more pain, and still has his sense of humor! I always feel so blessed to have found you a few years ago and I'm honored to have you for a friend!! You have given me many hours with my loved ones, don't know what I'd do without you for sure! Bless you my friend and I'll be back before you know it! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!
Some answers I've been looking for I've been struggling with needing more proof of my mom being ok. She not only came through, using Rick but came through in an abundance! Several facts only she would have been able to discuss were given. I left feeling very reassured, calm and at peace knowing everything is ok. Would highly recommend Rick's services to anyone needing answers and peace. Looking forward to another reading with Rick, he was truly amazing!!!
My son Thank you Rick for bringing my son back into my life even if is was only for a short time. It's the only way I feel such a strong sence of communitcation with him. You have given me peace that my son is doing well on the other side and I will see him again. Anyone who is hurting from the loss of a loved one should come and see you. We all need peace and reassurance when we lose a loved one. Rick does an amazing job of reconnecting with our loved ones .
Closure I received conformation from R. Bunch. It was very helpful . It gave me a sense of closure. I do feel a lot better. Thank you Rick Bunch !
Very confirming and affirming My recent session with Rick was not my first visit to a psychic; however, it was my first visit with Rick. I always carry a bit of skepticism into sessions with a new person, but my skepticism quickly "left the room." Rick is the real deal...he's great! I already "knew" most of what came up, but receiving confirmation that I am on the right track gave me a much needed boost to continue listening to my inner self and to pay more attention to the messages coming at me. I will visit Rick again, most definitely!
breath taking Rick was amazing and made my mom and myself feel so comfortable and he was right target with everything he said and if we couldn't figure it out he kept digging deeper to help. I would recommend Rick to anybody and I would definitely see him again
Unbelievable... "Rick thank you so much for the opportunity to speak with my dad. what an impact! got the ring you were drawing matches the" -Mediumship Reading Client
Mediumship Phone Reading Rick provided me with validation and evidence that my loved ones are still watching over me. Rick did a good job on explaining things during the reading and leaving time for any questions that I might have. Just a few examples from my reading include that he was able to bring up the first Initial of my grandfathers name and could give details about his personality. He was also able to bring my grandmother through and talked about the way she passed away and the things that used to be most important to her. He was able to describe things that were going on in my life through communicating with my love ones. He told me I was getting ready to start studying and I that I work in healthcare. I am a nurse and I just got accepted into a master’s degree program for this spring. He also described how I was looking for a new car right now, how I used to journal and do automatic writing. Rick also described a friend from high school that had passed away. I could tell who it was because Rick provided important dates. August 1979 which was her birthday and also September which was the month she past in. I was unsure about the dates but after the phone session I looked them up and sure enough they made since. Overall I was very happy with the reading that I received.
Existence Beyond The Mundane My husband and I are believers that consciousness exists beyond the earth realm. We had a session with Rick because it is always comforting to connect with those loved ones who have passed beyond the veil into another life beyond this life. if you have a session with Rick you will experience: validation, healing emotional pain, and other messages. Do not doubt BELIEVE! Blessings for all...
I was very impressed... I was very impressed with the reading I got from Rick.. I would never hesitate to go back to him for more information.. I still have lots of questions that I would like answered...
So Enlightening! Our reading with Rick was wonderful! Not only did he take more time than alotted with us, He answered any questions we had and took Us through the reading with compassion, humor and great wisdom. Rick is the real deal and He really helped me to start to understand my own abilities and ease doubts I may have had about the direction of my life. He also was able to connect to some of our family members. It amazed me that He knew certain details that no one but our family would really pick up on and it was so nice to hear from them again. I would recommend Rick to anyone!

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A Wonderful Experience!!! I can't thank Rick enough for what he has done for me! My experience helped me to get connected with my mom and I needed this more than anything. Rick, you a great person and what you do is wonderful! I will definitely see you again!!!
Awesome! Rick did a reading for my daugher, I came as support. He was able to ease her mind with recent career choices, which was very helpful to her. It was her first visit ever to a psychic medium, so she was a little nervous, but pleasantly surprised. The bowers that be decided to tap into a health I was having as well. Rick seems to not only have a gift, but is also genuine with his kindness and abilities.
Reading Rick's reading was very helpful and insightful...I look forward to discovering more again with him. He was also very kind to answer my curious questions outside of the reading. Thanks!
My reading I had my first medium reading with Rick. He was able to connect with my parents. Although there were something the we talked about in my reading that didn't make cents. He stated that it might not make cents now but it might in the future. I was wowed a couple times during my reading.
Incredible! My reading with Rick was more than I had expected it would be - the questions I came with were answered, but more importantly, the questions I didn't write down were also answered. I wasn't able to put a voice to some deeper, more complex issues - within the first few minutes of my reading, several lifelong issues were resolved. Thank you Rick, I had a great experience!